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the life of David:

"The Gospel According to David"

Senior Pastor Young Ho Hwang is taking us through the Bible on the Life of David, 
who trusted God to fulfill His promise to be King  over Judah and Israel where he reigned 40 years.
We will see David's heart raw and exposed, learn from his mistakes, and understand why God called him His anointed one.
David's confounding love for God and trust in Him through all circumstances is a testimony to every Christian.

Our Sermon from this past Sunday is directly below.

Sermon: "David Among the Philistines" 
Sunday, February 25, 2024

Pastor Young continues with his sermon series on the life of David, "The Gospel According to David."  His sermon is from 1 Samuel 27:1-12. Be careful of your thoughts before you act, especially in fear and discouragement. Watch that you don't turn from God and rely on your own righteousness, falling deeper into sin. In such a state, bind yourself to God and his grace. Put your hope in His promises, lead a God-centered life, and follow His heart.  This is your identity in Christ. It is wise to pray before you act; to let God meet you where you are. For He has given us access to His presence through the blood of Jesus Christ, and he hears your prayers.

Sermon Notes

Sermon Notes:  1 Samuel 27:1-12

Questions for the Coming Week: 3/3/24