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"The Gospel According to David"

Senior Pastor Young Ho Hwang is concluding his sermon series this Sunday, June 16th, on the Life of David,
who trusted God to fulfill His promise to be King  over Judah and Israel where he reigned 40 years.
We will saw David's heart raw and exposed, learned from his mistakes, and understood why God called him His anointed one.

David's confounding love for God and trust in Him through all circumstances is a testimony to every Christian.

Our Sermon from this past Sunday is directly below.

Sermon: "Blessed Forgiveness" 
Sunday, June 9, 2024

Elder Todd Lukas continues with our sermon series on the life of David "The Gospel According to David" preaching from Psalm 32:1-5. Do we really understand the compounding condition of our sin?  Do we know how God hates sin in mankind?  All attempts to cover up sin is failed by God who sees and knows all.  We sin against Him who is Holy. There is a Day of vengeance by Holy God that we, who are in Christ, are freed by the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Our perfect, holy God provided a way for us to be forgiven and not suffer sin's consequence through eternity. Thanks be to the Lord Jesus Christ, our Savior!

Sermon Notes

Sermon Notes:  2 Samuel 24

This Week's Memory Verse: 6/16/24

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